Personal Services

Tax Preparation

Our firm is experienced in preparation of personal tax returns including foreign earned income exclusions and non-residential alien returns. We invest in annual continuing education to keep up with deductions and credits that are available to our clients. We are an Authorized IRS E-File Provider and electronically file all personal tax forms allowed by the IRS.

Tax Planning

We are a family owned business and are well aware of life’s demands and opportunities. Our goal is to help you protect your hard earned finances and investments. We will work with you to choose the best tax strategy for your particular life situation with regard to assets, financial investments, and personal goals.

Estate Planning and Consultation

The passing of a loved one is a particularly difficult time for anyone. Our firm is well experienced in handling the final tax returns and estate tax matters that arise. We believe it is extremely important to pre-plan the handling of an estate so as to avoid undue tax burdens on your heirs. Please consider taking time to schedule a consultation with our firm regarding your estate.

IRS Representation

Our accountants are enrolled to practice before the IRS and will insure your business is represented fairly and properly with full archival documentation. Our firm handles federal and state tax audit requests, payroll matters, and general business communications with all government and insurance agencies.

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